I’m a skincare expert – 90% of premature aging problems can be improved by using just 3 ingredients | The Sun

A SKINCARE expert has shared the top three ingredients that can help premature aging problems.

The TikToker detailed the benefits of each of the items, which she said can address the majority of anti-aging skincare needs.

In her video, Marina (@4complexion) explained: "Ninety percent of premature aging problems can be addressed with these three evidence-based skincare ingredients."

For her first tip, she recommended applying Vitamin C and sunscreen every morning.

She told viewers: "Vitamin C is one of the best-studied ingredients, we’ve all heard about it’s ability to increase collagen production in skin.

"It has the ability to block MMP-1 enzymes, which are known to break down collagen."

She also pointed out that the ingredient can help with wound healing and fading pigmentation.

"It works incredibly well at mitigating the damage from the environment and UV, especially when combined with sunscreen in the morning," Marina said.

She continued: "The role of antioxidants and SPF in skin photoprotection is crucial, that’s why this combination should be the core of your morning skincare routine."

Marina also advised her followers to use Vitamin A at the end of every day.

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"At night, whether you’re struggling with photo damage, pigmentation, clogged or enlarged pores, wrinkles, or loss of elasticity Medik8 Crystal Retinal can address it all," she said.

The expert highlighted the difference between the item and other retinol products.

She explained: "The brand is using encapsulated retinaldehyde, which goes through only one conversion in the skin to become active.

"The formation rate of retinoic acid from retinaldehyde is 11 times faster than from retinol making retinaldehyde more biologically active in comparison to retinol."

Marina concluded: "Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated in order to be effective.

"Just three products to address 90 percent of anti-aging skincare needs."

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