I’m a pregnant mum-of-11 and people threatened to call social services on me after seeing what I give my kids for lunch

A MUM of 11 has hit a nerve by sharing her kids lunch.

Soon to be a mum of 12, Veronica Meritt, 36, from upstate New York, shares her life online as she raises her kids, cooks, cleans and handles the household chaos.

The Tiktok, which has already racked up 83,000 views in less than a day also attracted over a thousand comments.

She captioned the video with: "Literally this was what kids ate in the 80s and 90s"

The busy mum wrote over the video: "Why are people so offended when I say my kids eat like this for lunch?"

"When did this stop being normal?" she wrote as Creep by Radiohead played over the Tiktok.

Veronica's children are with two different men and range in age from 21 years to 12 months.

She first got pregnant in 1999, when she was just 14 years old.

Merritt and her partner, Marty, 37, now have nine children together: Adam, 15, Mara, 13, Dash, 12, Darla, 10, Marvelous, 8, Martalya, 6, Amelia, 4, Delilah, 3, and Donovan, 1.


Veronica filmed the plate of the mac and cheese lunch and shared it with her 95,000 Tiktok followers, but comments criticising her choice for her kids lunch came in thick and fast.

"This is sad" said one, while another encouraged her to: "Add some peas."

"Oh did you forget? The people here on TikTok are absolutely perfect and only eat the healthiest of meals!" joked one commenter.

One explained that: "When it’s every lunch it becomes a problem."

"No protein. No vitamins. Just carbs and fat" said one commenter, who said they were a nutritionist, to which Veronica replied: "We use real milk, butter and add shredded cheese to our Mac n cheese. Maybe you should do some research. Vitamin D. -webmd"

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Another reassured her: "It's normal, just not healthy and people are more health conscious now."

"I thought this until I started reading ingredients and learning what they were. Scary stuff." Wrote another.

Veronica explained that she grew up eating the meal as others agreed: "We also ate that in the 2000s 04 I would still 10000% eat that in two second."

"I was a kid in the 80s and yes that’s how we ate," wrote one, while another said: "I'm 60 to and still love it!"

"It stopped being normal when people starts caring more about the health of their children. Parent yours how you want but that is far from balanced." Wrote one commenter.

"Maybe because it's unhealthy and you cook like that all the time? and people think it's better to give kids nutritious + healthy stuff?"

"It was never normal. it was simply always “american living”, observed another.

"Dude at least they’re eating! Maybe add a few veggies/fruits every once in awhile but this is fine," said one, while another agreed that: "Once in a while is totally fine."

A fellow parent wrote: "Umm I just went shopping bought ten boxes lol my kids eat this for lunch all the time."

Some even salivated over the meal, saying: "As a kid this was my favorite food" and one was tempted to make it, saying: "It looks sooo good, now I'm hungry."

"Because people like to act like they’re better than everyone else . If your kids are fed what’s the problem. This Is what my mom made for lunch," explained another.

More parents admittted that: "My boys can live on Mac n cheese lol."

"Kids love pasta! I see nothing wrong with this! Fed is best." said another.

Others got distracted by something else and chose to comment on her use of paper plate, saying: "if you have to ask you probably arents going to understand the answer. The paper plates first of all

"The only thing not normal is the paper plate lol"

One concluded: "Bottom line…we all have to do what we feel is right for our family. Others opinions don't matter."

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