I’m a plus-size fashion pro with a ‘spare tyre’ belly – my simple tip will make you look instantly slimmer | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman who refers to herself as a "style therapist" and "confidence coach" has shared how she gets her "spare tyre" belly to look slimmer.

Her tip is fairly simple and will help you easily conceal your tummy.

"My name is Amos Trombetto. I'm a 3X plus size woman. I own my own boutique, and I'm here to give you some fashion advice," Trombetto said in a TikTok video.

"I am a triangle shape, tiny shoulders, big hips. I have a B belly. If you're not sure what that means I will show you right now," she said.

"It's where I have a muffin top and a spare tyre below."

The fashion guru dove into her tips for looking slimmer.

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"The first trick I do is I always wear my pants over my B belly, so I have a smoother belly.

"And as you can see my shirt is slightly fitted. So what that means is it's slightly relaxed, and it's just going to kind of hug all my spots.

"And if you're not someone who really likes that kind of look, I recommend print. So watch this," she said, going off camera.

She cut to a clip of her wearing a busy print top with flowers.

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"So when you add a print, you have more optical illusion, which really confuses the eye. So as people are looking at you, they don't see all the things.

"I have a [more flowy] shirt on which I think is always very flattering, because I love the movement."

If you still want your shirt to fit a bit tighter, Trombetto said a good trick is to add a belt.

"I am visually breaking this up. I am giving myself more of an elongated look. I have camouflaged my muffin top and my spare tyre, cause showing that doesn't always give me the confidence," she said.

"But when I'm able to camouflage and blur it and deceive the eye, I feel more put together."

She also added that print can enhance or distract from the chest area.

She said: "And then there's a little emphasis on my chest. If you don't have a chest, that's okay. Print works for that. If your chest is too big, guess what? Print works on camouflaging it. I don't understand how it all works, but it does.

"And so, I'm really here to say wear print, don't be afraid of it. Especially when you have really big bold prints that are all over the place."

She added to avoid straight lines and very symmetrical prints.

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"Because again, the more crazier the print, the eye can't really focus on that, and so you're going to look and feel thinner," she explained.

"Not to mention a lot of fun matching accessories and things like that, so wear the print girl."

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