I'm a pet expert – if your dog smells bad, it could be a sign of 4 serious health conditions including tumors | The Sun

A PET expert has urged dog owners to be alert to bad odors emitting from their beloved mutts.

Bad smells coming from their pooch could be a sign of four serious health conditions including tumors, and should not be ignored.

Petlabco (@petlabco) set out its list in a post to its TikTok.

“Four serious health issues that make your dog smelly," they wrote.

Dogs have their own distinctive smell, but there are some tell-tale signs that could be indicators for something else altogether, said Petlabco.

“If their aroma becomes abnormally strong or fishy, then here are [the] possible health issues that may be causing it."

First up was dental disease or halitosis.

“Bad breath is due to bacteria caused by plaque buildup, tartar, decomposing food, bleeding, or worse, oral tumors," explained the pet experts.

“Brush your dog’s teeth regularly to prevent odor and check for any oral health issues."

The second was an ear infection.

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“If your dog has a strong smell coming from the ear, it may be a sign of an ear infection," they said, so check your lovable pooch regularly.

Third on the list were skin conditions or allergies.

“Atopi is a skin condition, caused by environmental allergies and can lead to other issues including bad odor," they explained.

Finally, if your pooch experiences excessive bloating, this could be a signal for an undiagnosed condition.

“Gas could be a sign that your dog has eaten something that’s difficult to digest," they wrote.

"But if serious bouts of gas occur more often, your dog may have a food allergy or bowel disease."

The pet expert concluded their post with a caution: “If your dog is smelly, don’t ignore these four possible causes.”

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