I'm a nurse and there's a crucial thing you should update on your phone for emergencies – it could save your life | The Sun

A NURSE has urged people to update one important thing on their phone that could just save a life.

Although you probably think you know everything your phone can do, there's something that's even more impressive than your camera and apps.

Lauren, a nurse from Sydney, Australia, took to TikTok to reveal the vital thing everyone should have filled out on their phone.

"Go and update the medical ID on your phone right now, because it might save your life," she said.

The nurse explained that a woman collapsed and hit her head in a shop recently.

“I immediately went over to see if they needed any help,” she said.

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“Having a duty of care and being comfortable doing basic life support, I was like alright I need to put my big girl pants on and step in.

“She was not in a good way at all.”

The woman was "very close to being unresponsive," so Lauren grabbed her phone to check her medical ID.

Even though the woman hadn't filled out all of the sections, there was enough information for Lauren to help.

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"She didn‘t have it updated but she did have her name, her birthday, her height and her weight.

“Literally just because I had her name meant I was able to communicate better with her, and she was able to communicate by squeezing my hand a little bit better knowing I was talking to her," Lauren explained.

You can update your medical ID in through your phone's health app if you have an iPhone, or if you're an android user simply download the medical ID app from Google Play.

The nurse added: "If you‘re not comfortable having your medical ID on your phone, what you can do is include an emergency contact which will allow someone on scene to call them and find out what your history is and whether this has happened before.”

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