I'm a mum and I’m not buying my baby anything for Christmas – it's a waste of money and you should do the same

CHRISTMAS is a stressful time for many – with presents to buy, food to put on the table and decorations to kit out the house, it’s a tough time for all of our purses.

And for those with young children, babies in particular, the thought of spending hundreds of pounds on toys is pretty daunting.

But one mum has got people talking on TikTok after sharing her reminder for parents this Christmas. 

Laurie Cepkauskas told parents not to worry too much about Christmas presents for babies this year, because they’ll only want to play with items you have in the house already, such as a TV remote or a pack of baby wipes. 

As much as we all want to make our baby’s first Christmas one to remember with piles of toys and gifts, Laurie has proved that you don’t need to spend a penny to make your baby happy this festive season. 

Laurie shared a video of her baby, Lilly, to her TikTok ‘killinitsince86’ with the caption, "Babies at Christmas be like…"

She said: "This is just a gentle reminder with the holidays coming up" as she demonstrates through a variety of household items paired alongside toys, showing that babies only ever want to play with the household items.

The first items put in front of baby Lilly were a brightly coloured rattle toy and a hairbrush. 

The hairbrush wins as her daughter immediately grabs it, not even phased by the rattle. 

The second round of items include a stuffed toy alongside a TV remote, and it’s the remote that wins her attention. 

Next is a pack of wipes and a sensory rattle – but Lily goes straight for the baby wipes, avoiding contact with the rattle.

And finally, it’s either a nappy or a bright-coloured toy and shock horror, it’s the nappy for the win! 

Following this, Laurie shared another video to further highlight the message that children aren’t fussed by fancy toys, as we see Lily choose a wooden spoon, toilet roll, an empty water bottle, a box and a sweet potato over the popular children’s toys.

So if you’re worried about splashing the cash on Christmas gifts for your little one this year, it might be worth a re-think.

Laurie’s video has clearly impressed many as it has racked up a whopping 70.1k views. 

It has 5,936 likes, 189 comments and 1,100 shares. 


One person said: “This may be one of the best TikToks to come actress my page as I freak out about Christmas!” 

Another added: “That’s because the toys are really for the parents.” 

A third commented: “I love this!”

Another said: “Truth!! Keep that money my young friends!”

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