I’m a make-up pro, the number one mistake I see with eye shadow & why you should always shake your brush | The Sun

WHEN it comes to putting on eye make-up, it can be hard to stop it from going patchy or uneven on your eyelid.

But a make-up artist has now lifted the lid on the easy ways to stop this – and how you can make your eyes look better than ever before with one simple trick. 

TikTok user and beauty fan Kate O’Neal Talbert uploaded a video to her account speaking about the common errors people make when putting on eye shadow.

She explained: “The number one mistake I see when it comes to applying eyeshadow is this.

“People take a brush and they load it up with a bunch of shadow.

“They don’t knock off the excess, and then they go in and they start doing this,” Kate said as she went back and forth on her eyelid repeatedly. 

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Kate continued: “What ends up happening is you’re left with this patchiness and it doesn’t look soft. 

Instead, Kate said there’s an alternative application technique that works a treat.

She continued: “I want you to try doing this. Pick up that product, knock off the excess – because we don’t need all that excess flying around.

“Then place your brush above the area where you want that shadow to go.

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“So we’re going to place it above the crease and now we’re going to keep our brush in this tiny little area.

“We’re not going in big, large motions because what happens is the shadow  starts to fly everywhere – we have to remember that shadows our powders, they can have a lot of fallout.

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“That fallout is going to translate to a messy look so instead you want to keep your brush really concentrated in a small area – and keep your motions small.

“Then once you have blended most of the product into your eyelid and there’s not much left on the brush, then you can start to sweep it over because by this point most of the product is where you want it to be.”

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