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EVERYONE loves having fluffy towels in their linen closet, and the secret to plush towels is easier than you might expect.

Anyone can ensure their towels come out of the dryer fluffy by replacing fabric softener with an item that is probably already in your kitchen, according to advice from a laundry pro.

If you have been relying on fabric softener to get soft, plush towels, you’ve apparently been doing it wrong. 

According to a laundry expert on TikTok, there is a better way to get fluffy towels.

In a recent TikTok video posted by user @abitofeverything_natalie, the laundry pro outlines a few quick steps that will put you on track to always having cushy bath linens. 

“Want to know the secret to fluffy towels?” the TikToker asks in the video labeled with the caption “Fluffy Towel Hack.” 

The first step, she says, is to pour in your usual detergent.

A key thing to remember with the first step is to skip any of the fabric softener you normally add of course.

Next, she says you can use scent boosters if you want to give your towels a fragrant boost.

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Then, instead of fabric softener, grab a jug of white vinegar from your kitchen.

Dump some of the white vinegar in as a replacement for the softener.

Finally, you’ll want to wash the towels using hot water.

The TikToker's tips for fluffy towels are one of many laundry hacks out there waiting for you to try.

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