I’m a hot mom in my 40s – people say 'women my age' shouldn’t wear crop tops but I don’t care | The Sun

A MOM halfway into her 40s has clapped back at haters who say women her age shouldn't wear skin-baring attire.

The 45-year-old woman shared a video aimed at trolls who criticize her for showing off her toned body in crop tops and other revealing attire.

Digital creator Hilary Leigh, known on TikTok as @itshilaryleigh, brings viewers into her little peaceful spot on the internet with her content that focuses on all things beauty and anti-aging with some mom-humor tossed in.

She prides herself on what she says is her ability to teach other parents how to age backward but still confidently rock whatever age they are.

In one particular TikTok video, Leigh makes sure to let criticizers know how she feels about those who jest about her style choices.

Perfectly captioned "I woke up sassy today," the attractive parent lets viewers know that she can do whatever she wants.


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Leigh can be seen wearing a long-sleeved brown crop top that exposes her taut midriff and white bottoms in the video.

The words "me when someone tells me women my age can't wear crop tops," are written at the top of the video.

The New Jersey parent maintains her comical vibe by mouthing along to the audio on the video that responds to the above statement.

"Haha or…or… hear me out… you go f*ck yourself and I keep doing what I'm doing," she lipsyncs.

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Leigh has never been shy about her age and is very proud to be in her mid-40s, as shown by this TikTok video.

She even cites in the caption that she loves being in her 40s.

Her lean and toned body shape took hard work and dedication to a healthy lifestyle that she values.

Her body positivity made its way to the comment section of her videos with many viewers posting supportive messages.

"Girl, Yess! People have said that to me and also not to wear mini skirts too. And you look PHENOMENAL!!! Def wear them, beautiful," one viewer commented.

"I found my side of TikTok. 45yo and 75% of my wardrobe consists of crop tops. hey, bestie!!" a woman declared.

"Exactly! Same for- you shouldn’t be wearing that bikini, listening to that music, etc…you do you peeps and let others be," another shared online.

"I havent worn them since high school. my mid section needs some work. but totally on board!!! u look great!!" another user added.

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