I'm a hairstylist & there are some styles that you should ALWAYS avoid if you have fine hair – they make it look worse | The Sun

MOST OF us aren't lucky enough to have thick, luscious locks.

But you might be making things even worse by having the completely wrong hairstyle.

In fact, there are some styles that you should always avoid if you've got thin hair and don't want to commit to pricey extensions.

Cally Borg, owner of Cally Borg Hair and session stylist, told Express.co.uk that there are certain styles people with thin hair should always avoid.

Although you can be born with naturally thin hair, some women don't experience thin hair until later in life and this can be for a variety of different reasons.

So when it comes to creating the illusion of thick hair, there's one main thing to keep in mind.

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"I would avoid very long styles, fine hair needs blunt lines to create fullness,”  the hair pro said.

"I find that shorter cuts with layers creating more volume is best to disguise uneven hair growth."

Ditch the long look and go for a more chic choppy bob style if you want your hair to look thicker.

The hair whizz also explained that dying your can help with the illusion of lush locks.

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She said: "Using the depth from a colour in the right places can help the hair appear fuller and adding lighter pieces will add texture to the hair.” 

It's bad news if you're a fan of your straighteners and curlers, Cally revealed that they're no good for those of us with thin hair.

“I would also advise anyone with fine hair to go easy with heat tools," she quipped.

“TUFT [a brand of heat tools] actually go as low as 120 degrees which are perfect for styling fine hair."

There are also loads of heat-free options for achieving the same styles, like using socks for sleek curls.

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