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WHEN we think of a youthful appearance, the first words to spring to mind are expensive Botox treatments and fillers.

But what if you could take years off your face with something that doesn't call for painful needles and an empty bank account? Something like… a trendy hairstyle?

Well, according to one celebrity hairstylist, Liam Curran, not only is this possible but there are three hairdos that will be all the rage in 2023.

The whizz, who's worked with big names, such as Lana Del Rey and Laura Whitmore, spoke to Fabulous to list the top styles to go for next year – and they can easily be DIY'd in the comfort of your home too.

All tied up

One of the ''hottest'' trends in '23, the guru noted, is having your hair up – whether it's textured or sleek, loose to constructed, this hairdo will take years off your face.

The chic yet effortless look has become a favourite amongst celebrities, such as Doja Cat, Lizzo and Dua Lipa.

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How to: ''To give you up-do a more youthful look, start by brushing through using Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler to gently remove all tangles and knots. 

''The next step is to place your desired parting – this style best suits a super straight centre parting.

''A middle parting is seen as very youthful and is the favoured look amongst Gen Z,'' Liam noted.

Once done, gather your hair into a high sleek ponytail – here, it's best to ensure it's as tight as possible.

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Then use a grooming cream or oil and run the product through your locks – this will give it that extra sleekness, as well as moisturise your hair.

Liam continued: ''Start to twist the ponytail in a clockwise motion around the base of the ponytail, secure into place whilst leaving the ends out, these extra bits will add more of a youthful flair as it nods to Y2k trends.''

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Complete the hairdo with some hairspray to fan to fan out the ends for a sleek and abstract look.

Braids all ways

In 2023, Liam said we are pushing the baby braids trend to the extremes – and celebs who've already jumped on the fun look includeKendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne.

How to: Just like with any other hairdo, start by brushing your hair to get rid of any knots.

At this point, he said, it's also recommended adding your favourite serum for that extra sleek finish.

''The next step is to place your desired parting – a central parting is stronger for this look and gives a more youthful appearance.

''Using your brush, begin to smooth your hair into high sleek pig tails making sure they are as tight as possible, secure in place with hair ties.

''To give them a more youthful flair, use fun and colourful hair ties such as bobbles or scrunchies.''

Once these are in place, braid each side, optionally adding vibrant pins and accessories, and finish with a shine spray.

I woke up like this

''The au natural “cool” girl hair is here to stay, lived in undone textures are back this season,'' said Liam.

It's not just Bad Gal RiRi who woke up like this – Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss and Julia Fox got out of the bed with the effortless hairdo too.

How to: For this look, Liam said, you're better of starting with clean washed hair that's been detangled.

Then place your desired parting – here, he recommended going for a side parting, as it gives a more youthful appearance. 

Don't forget to add your favourite blow dry lotion – it makes all the difference – and begin to blow dry your locks.

''Once excess water has been removed, start to section your hair in 2-3 inch sections, depending on your hair thickness. Work from the back of the nape and work upwards. 

''Starting from the roots, place the Tangle Teezer Easy Dry and Go underneath the hair and glide the brush through to the tips, whilst twisting the hair through the brush in a 360 motion. 

''Once the hair is dry and twisted, leave the twists in place. Repeat this process until the hair is dry and feeling smooth and silky.

''Work up towards the crown and use the same method on each side of the head.''

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Once you feel the hair is dry, use your fingertips to shake out the twists one-by-one – they'll leave you with an effortless natural texture.

To complete the look, add some texture spray at both the roots and ends.

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