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IF you've been neglecting your houseplants and have noticed tiny webs all of them, then you probably have spider mites.

Luckily, a gardening expert has revealed how to banish them and stop them from destroying your plants.

Andrew Gaumond, horticulturist and editorial director at Petal Republic shared what spider mites are.

He told the Express: “Spider mites are microscopic arachnids that suck the contents of plant tissues."

Their tiny webs are one indicator you have a problem as are yellow or brown spots on leaves.

And the little arachnids can destroy your houseplants, but there are three easy steps to banish them and save your beloved plants.


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First, give your plants a wipe-down with a cloth to wipe away as many of the bugs and webs as you can.

Gardening expert Erin Marino, editorial director at The Sill, adds you can also hose them down in the sink or tub.

He added: "This will clear the way for the insecticide to work. Spider mite nests actually repel the pesticides and protect the eggs and insufficient wiping may result in re-infestation.”

Next, you should spray the plant with Neem oil or insecticidal soap for spider mites.

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You can make your own at home by mixing dish soap with water and spraying the affected plant.

This will suffocate the spider mites and stop re-infestation, explains the gardening expert.

Finally, you should repeat the process every few days for two weeks, for a total of three to four spraying sessions.

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Erin explained: “If done correctly, they will be gone in no time. Make sure to quarantine any plants infested with spider mites away from others to reduce transmission.”

The experts add you may want to cut off any affected leaves to ensure the damage doesn't spread.

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