I'm a food pro, I make McDonald’s style wraps in my Air Fryer & they're just as good as the real thing | The Sun

IF you find yourself craving McDonald’s but don’t want to pay out for the popular fast food chain, why not make your own?

That’s exactly what one foodie has done after coming up with an easy Air Fryer recipe for McDonald’s style chicken wraps. 

TikTok user Jessica, whose profile is @jessicakeogh20, runs a social media account dedicated to “easy eating for busy people” – in particular “quick, fresh lunches.”

Her latest video shows her culinary creation, as she explains it’s a “McDonald’s inspired sweet chilli chicken wrap in the Air Fryer.”

Jessica then shows how all you need to make it is a wrap, some sweet chilli sauce, mayonnaise, cucumber, mini chicken fillets and

The foodie then shows the step-by-step process, beginning with layering up her wrap with the chilli sauce.

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She then adds mayonnaise and some slices of cucumber.

Once this is done, she places some breaded mini chicken fillets into the Air Fryer.

Once the chicken is cooked and put into the wrap, she adds some gem lettuce as a final touch.

Jessica also said next time she would put the wrap into the Air Fryer too to ensure the whole thing was hot. 

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The result? A sweet chilli chicken wrap to make the mouth water.

And the proof is in the reaction from her followers, who have liked the short cooking clip almost 250,000 times.

They also flocked to the comment section to say how tasty it looked and that it’d make the perfect lunchtime treat.

One tagged their friend as they commented: “Our kind of wrap.” 

A second said: “Our nightly dinner.”

While a third added: “This wrap is a vibe.”

Another also voiced their opinion, comparing it to the real deal.

They wrote: “We should try this instead of spending loads of money on McDonald’s”.

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And someone who said they worked for McDonald’s even got involved and joked that she’d been too generous with her portions.

They wrote: “As a Maccies worker, that’s too many cucumbers.”

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