I'm a fashion fan & have found the perfect hack to secure a baggy dress – and you'll never need a safety pin again | The Sun

FAST forward a year or so and the chances are your favourite dress might not fit you like it used to.

But there's no need to worry because you may just be able to salvage it with a very simple hack.

And no – it doesn't involve a safety pin!

A savvy woman named Lorissa, who is from Ireland, shared a short video to TikTok where she can be seen wearing a purple strapless dress which appears to be too loose for her.

She quips: "NO safety pin – no problem."

Sharing her quick and easy solution, she instead reaches for a selection of earrings she purchased from Primark for £1.70.


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Folding over the loose bit of material underneath her arm, she then takes a diamond earring and pinches it together to secure it in place.

And the clever hack – which is both stylish and practical – has been inundated with comments from impressed social media users.

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In response to the clip which has since 57,000, one social media user enthused: "Ahahha brilliant!"

A second admitted: "I do this but just use the rubber after the backing."

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A third praised: "That’s acc smart."

Another commented: "Genius."

Meanwhile, a further added: "Life hack."

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