I’m a fashion expert – the common styling mistakes everyone makes that cheapen your look | The Sun

A TIKTOK user has shared certain fashion faux pas that can cheapen your look.

The content creator, who goes by @Mei_Yap on the forum, shared the common styling mistakes that can cheapen your look.

For her first tip, Mei advised her followers to avoid wearing polyester clothing.

"Polyester is the devil’s fabric and I don’t care who says otherwise," the TikToker captioned the clip.

She also recommended only wearing clean shoes when out in public.

Mei added that misshapen handbags can lower the tone of your look.

Wearing outfits with too many logos is also a no-go, according to the fashion influencer.

Other factors such as wearing your hair tie on your wrist or overdoing your makeup can also cheapen your look.

Next, Mei suggested that showing too much cleavage can make you look tacky.

Loose buttons, thread, and tags are also worth looking out for as you get ready.

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To help convey a put-together look, Mei advised viewers to ensure their clothing looks neat and free of creases.

Finally, tightly or poorly fitting clothing will immediately cheapen your appearance.

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