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SANDALS are an essential part of your summer look – especially when showing off perfectly painted toenails.

But slipping and sliding out of them is something we could all do without.

Luckily there are some ways to stop sandals from slipping and from rubbing your feet.

Fabulous's fashion expert Clemmie Fieldsend says that one way you can ensure your sandal stays on is by applying a big, thick plaster to the arch of each foot. This will soak up the sweat and stop sandals from slipping off.

You can also stick a plaster on the balls of your feet to prevent those annoying sandal-slapping noises when you walk.

While this works well for slip-on sandals and flip-flops, there are other ways to prevent slingback sandals from slipping off your feet.


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For slingbacks, TikToker roseknows11 has a strategy for stopping then slipping off your feet, although this method may be slightly more difficult than using plasters.

Rose suggests purchasing some strap-like material (think tie-up sandals), and attach this to the slingback, you can then tie this around your ankles, going as high up the leg as you want. 

This will stop the shoes from slipping, and will look stylish, especially with a skirt or dress. 

TikTok is full of tips and tricks to help you look stylish and feel comfortable, one TikToker has revealed the perfect way to stop your sandal’s straps from rubbing.

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Shared by @habit_forming_sty, this quick and easy tip will save you a world of pain in the long run.

With skinny straps you can’t really hide anything underneath to cushion your skin and avoid blisters, to avoid this all you need to do is use an anti-friction stick and apply a generous amount to the area where the straps will be.

If you don’t have an anti-friction stick to hand, you can instead use deodorant.

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