I'm a farm girl – people are always surprised by what I wear under my tractor-ready sweatshirts | The Sun

A SELF-described country girl has revealed what she wears under her baggy sweatshirt while driving a tractor.

The TikToker named Nikki Neisler got a lot of attention on her recent video showing off her on-the-job look.

In her recent video, the caption reads: "this is a joke sir," with a series of hashtags including #countrygirl #farmgirl #PerfectGifts and #shesnothinglikethegirlyouseebefore.

The last hashtag references Akon's 2009 hit "Sexy Chick," which plays during the video.

Nikki is dressed in a blue crop-top, hoodie, and John Deere cap.

She then shows her viewers the tank that she is wearing under the hoodie while riding her John Deere tractor.

One person commented: "Surprised she didn’t get the pink garden tractor in this set."

Another said: "probably not able to back up a trailer."

One criticized the tractor directly: "She had me until it cut to the green tractor."

But, others were more impressed with the TikToker's physique.

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One said: "Wow she’s beautiful."

Another was in awe, saying: "This girl has it all."

Nikki often posts inspirational videos about being a country girl.

In a video posted on Friday, she said: "I dropped out, invested in myself, moved to my dream city, and built a better life than I could’ve dreamed of."

Nikki has 1.6million followers with the handle @nikki.neisler.

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