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THROWING a birthday party or hosting any special occasion can be an expensive task.

From food and drink to decorations, your wallet will be left considerably lighter after your big day.

YouTuber Bargain Bethany shared her Dollar Tree hacks for creating high-end decorations on a budget.

To create a DIY decorative center piece you will need a laundry basket, balloons, balloon clips, balloon glue dots, balloon sticks, a paper towel holder, and zip-ties.

"I’m going to be attaching the balloons to the laundry basket, using these balloon clips," said Bethany as she demonstrated the hack.

"I ended up making some smaller balloons, and these ones I used to cover up any gaps where you can still see the laundry basket. I used balloon glue dots from Dollar Tree to attach them to the other balloons," she continued.

She continued: "I got this paper towel holder from dollar tree and I’m going to attach it to [the bottom of] my upturned laundry basket, using zip-ties I also got at Dollar Tree."

"I’m going to start zip-tying some of these balloon sticks I also got from Dollar Tree to the paper towel holder. I’m going to be attaching balloons to the top of this and this is going to make them look like they’re floating without using helium," Bethany explained to viewers.

She concluded: "I then placed a teddy bear on top of the basket so it looks like its floating on a cloud."

The bargain expert also shared her favorite Dollar Tree item for decorating on a budget.

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"One of my favorite party supplies to buy at Dollar Tree is their candy bowls. They have such a big selection of different styles of bowls, different colors, and it’s really easy to customize these," she said.

Bethany used a label maker to customize the candy bowls, but this can also be done using glue dots.

"What you’re going to do is pick up some tablecloths from Dollar Tree. Also, pick up a broomstick," she told her followers.

She continued: "Unravel and unfold your tablecloth. Place it underneath the broomstick and, at the very top, you’re going to wrap [it] around the broomstick."

"I pushed the zip-ties through the plastic of the tablecloth and tied it into place. That way I can slide it around easily," the YouTuber explained.

Bethany used Command Hooks to hang the colorful wall decoration in her garden for her son's birthday party.

Bethany's followers were impressed with her money-saving decorating hacks.

One user commented: "Bethany you rock!! Man if only I was into DIYing at this level when my kids were this young!"

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"You always have amazing ideas. I love the centerpiece and the candy bowls. It looks like an amazing party," wrote another viewer.

A third person said: "You may have outdone yourself, Bethany! This was simply amazing, gorgeous, and so smart!"

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