I’m a dog expert – here's how you can prepare your pooch for Bonfire Night… some people say it’s cruel but it works | The Sun

A DOG behaviour expert has shared how owners can prepare their pooch for Bonfire Night – by playing them drum and bass music.

Clinical animal behaviourist Rosie Bescoby has revealed her tips in the run-up to firework season to help dogs feel less frightened of the loud noises.

In the coming weeks, Rosie suggests playing firework recordings to dogs when they are in a relaxed, snoozy state.

"It's important to make sure you do this when they are relaxed and settled but not asleep," she said.

"Over the month you should then gradually increase the volume.

"It means on the night the dog doesn't even realise the noise of the fireworks as they have become de-sensitised.

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"You can also play drumming music like African drum or drum and bass over the year."

Owners can also build a den for their dog, which Rosie suggests they make in the place they sleep or where they would normally go to hide.

"Owners should make it in their bed or where they run and hide too normally," she explained.

"You should make it comfy with chews and water.

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"It will then feel like a safe space for them rather than somewhere associated with feeling bad."

On Bonfire Night – November 5th – Emma warns that owners should never take their dogs outside to a firework display and should always walk them before dark.

"I'd rather they miss a walk that day if it's not possible to walk them before it gets dark," she said.

"Make sure you have the den set up on the night.

"If your dog is in fear you can give them reassurance but don't overdo it.

"If they are not coming to you asking for reassurance then you should leave them alone.

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"Never leave them alone by themselves in the house or take them to a display.

"And make sure their micro chip details are up to date in case they bolt."

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