I'm a dietician and my easy recipe makes boxed mac 'n cheese healthier – it adds more protein, fiber, and veggies | The Sun

A DIETICIAN said eating healthy doesn’t have to take much of your time or money.

She’s come up with creative ways to transform packaged foods, like mac ‘n cheese, into healthy dishes.

Monica D’Agostino (@saltandsagenutrition) is a registered dietician who said her new “shtick” involves showing people how to make packaged food healthier.

She hopes this will get people out of the ordering take-out cycle.

“My number one lesson that I have learned as a dietician is you are not going to change what people eat, but you can change how they eat it,” she divulged in a clip.

Begin by boiling your pasta the way the packaged directions tell you to.

“While your water is boiling, you’re going to steam about a cup of broccoli, because we are going for a broccoli cheddar situation.”

Once her pasta was done boiling, she drained the water but saved about two tablespoons to keep it creamy.

“So, for the sauce, instead of the butter and milk that you typically put in mac ‘n cheese, we’re going to replace that with an egg.”

The egg will not only add a creamy texture, but it also provides protein and healthy fats.

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“Dump in your cheese sauce mixture, then dump in the egg and mix it into the pasta really quickly because we don’t want it to cook scrambled.”

Once that golden texture comes to light, add in your microwave steamed broccoli.

Monica chose to top off the healthy pasta with hot sauce for a little kick.

Viewers were hooked on her new shtick.

“Not to be dramatic but this series might change my life,” one person wrote.

“The egg is an amazing idea! I sometimes swap the milk and butter for blended cottage cheese,” added another.

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