I'm a cleaning whizz – here's four life-changing cleaning hacks & the £1 trick that'll leave your floor sparkling | The Sun

A CLEANING whizz has proven that you haven't got to fork out on high-end cleaning products to achieve sparkling results.

Instead, Leanna Paul shared four "life-changing" cleaning hacks she swears by – including bargain buys from the likes of B&M and The Range.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@leannapaul), she begins by discussing the tennis ball hack.

"Put 2-3 tennis balls in a tumble dryer with your towels and dressing gowns and it'll make them so soft and fluffy again," she says.

"Don't believe me? Try it!"

Next, the cleaning whizz shares a genius £1 trick to get your wooden floor sparkling – and you've likely already got the product in your kitchen cupboard.

"Put in your usual floor cleaner and 1/8 olive oil," she explains.

"Then hot water so your bucket is half full, begin mopping and…shiny floors!


"Don't ask me how it works…it just does!"

Leanna then holds up the Pink Stuff, which she says is the "best thing you'll ever buy in your life."

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Sharing a snap of her dirty cooker, she notes: "These marks wouldn't move with the usual multi-surface cleaner.

"Grab your scrubber and Pink stuff…begin scrubbing!

"Add a bit of water on your scrubber and trust the process.


The Pink Stuff costs from as little as £1.49 and can be bought from various shops, including The Range, Asda and Sainsbury's.

Finally, Leanna shares a super simple trick to get your carpet smelling fresh – and it's all thanks to a £1.89 product sold in B&M.

She takes a bottle of 1001 Carpetfresh and advises spraying it down and waiting until the foam soaks in.

Then, she says to go over it with a hoover.

"Here's to the best smelling home, and hoover lines!" Leanna says.

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