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A CLEANING guru has shared the five common mistakes she sees people make when it comes to their laundry. 

It’s easy to think we know exactly how to wash our clothes… Believing it’s as simple as putting them into the laundry, adding some fabric conditioner and detergent and turning the machine on.

But if social media has taught us one thing, it’s that we’re not always as clued up as we might think. 

From the different compartments in the washing machine to how to correctly fold our clothes, TikTok has given us all a tonne of knowledge on the matter. 

Now, @notre.co1 has added to the list of useful tips to know when it comes to putting a load on.

“Here are five common laundry mistakes you’re probably making at home,” she said at the start of the clip. 


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The first issue on the list, she said, is when people don’t do up the zips of their clothes. 

She added that it’s essential to hook your bras too as they “can get pulled and snagged on other clothing and we don’t want that”. 

Meanwhile, you should be doing the opposite with clothes that have buttons on them.

“Always make sure that you undo your buttons because these can actually get pulled on the wash and fall off,” she shared. 

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She added: “Lastly always wash your whites on warm and your colours on cold… Happy washing!” 

People flocked to the comments section to share their gratitude over the tips as one person wrote: “Amazing tips!” 

Another said: “I use a wash bag for my bras so no tears and also a large washing bag for delicates”. 

Others agreed with this method as many said bras should always be placed in “lingerie bags” as if the underwire somehow comes out, it could “break the machine”. 

And another person argued: “If you wash clothes with cold water. They are not washed properly.” 

To which the TikToker replied: “It’s so that the colours don’t run”. 

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