I’m a cleaning pro – how to use a 50c laundry essential for everything from a spotless home to smoothing humid hair | The Sun

SUMMER humidity means trouble for many of us as we battle those dreaded flyaways and overall frizz.

The never-ending battle with static hair is one of many problems which can be solved by using this cheap laundry item that you probably already own.

Even if you're more of a dry-clean-only kind of person this laundry product is well worth investing in and it only costs 50c.

Dryer sheets have many uses beyond laundry and TikTok user Monique Rapier tested one of them.

In her video, Monique tries the viral hack which involves using a dryer sheet to tackle frizzy hair.

Monique's video shows an instant improvement to her hair as the static is eliminated.

Even if you don't struggle with frizzy hair there are lots of household uses for dryer sheets as well, according to Oprah.com.

You can use dryer sheets for general cleaning on surfaces from screens to the windshield and bumper of your car.

You can also save money on a lint roller and use a dryer sheet to rid your house of pet hair.

Dryer sheets are also great for cleaning those stubborn stains throughout your home.

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Soap scum in your bath or shower can be easily removed using a wet dryer sheet, bleach and some elbow grease.

Unsightly residue and black spots on your oven trays can also be dealt with using these magical sheets.

Simply place your sheet into the tray and soak it with warm water and dish soap. You will see a result in no time.

Similar to this method is the tricky task of removing melted candle wax from a metal candle holder.

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Just place your holder into a basin with a dryer sheet and some warm soapy water and let it soak.

And if that isn't enough reasons to invest in dryer sheets they can also be used to remove pesky deodorant stains from your clothes.

We all know the fine line between avoiding sweat stains and overdoing it with deodorant.

In the height of the summer deodorant stains almost feel like the inevitable yet lesser of the two evils.

Well now you can wear all the dark colors you want this summer season as a simple dryer sheet in your bag means you can top up your deodorant and still avoid those stains all day long.

You don't even have to wet the sheet, simply gab at the mark until it disappears!

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