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WHEN you’re feeling particularly lazy you may find yourself reaching for a takeaway menu.

But according to one chef there are some foods you shouldn’t order for delivery, as some just won’t travel well.

Speaking to Insider, chef Lizzy Briskin revealed the ten foods she’ll never order for delivery and why.


According to Lizzy, chips or french fries, whichever you prefer, don’t travel well.

Chips hit their peak as soon as they’re removed from the oven, or deep fryer, and have a pretty short shelf life following this.


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After being crammed into a cardboard box and carted over to yours they will likely have lost some of their crispness, so you may be stuck with some cold and soggy chips which we’re guessing is not what you were after.


Whether you’re going for an omelette, eggs benedict, or something else, Lizzy recommends cooking your own at home.

Eggs can get particularly messy in transit, and even if everything stays in place they can dry up, depending on the length of the journey.

She says that when ordering eggs you risk, “ending up with a sticky, yolky mess no one wants to clean up or a sad, dry scramble.”


Nachos can get quite soggy in transit as they can only withstand the weight of salsa, guacamole and sour cream for so long.

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By the time they arrive you’ll likely be left with nothing but mush.


Smoothies should be enjoyed straight out the blender and never ordered for delivery.

It transit the drink can warm up and separate, meaning that you could end up with an unappetizing pile of goo.

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Ice cream

Lizzy says: “Even if you're ordering a scoop on the coldest night, your ice cream just won't be the same by the time it gets to you.”

It’ll likely begin to melt before it gets anywhere near your home.

Lizzy also points out that paying a delivery fee just for some ice cream can be rather hard to justify, and you’ll be better off just having some from your own freezer.

Anything with a bread coating

“From katsu to mozzarella sticks, anything coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried is likely to lose its appealing crunchy exterior during transit”, says Lizzy.

So if you have a craving for any of these dishes you may be better off going and having a sit-down meal in the restaurant itself.

Grilled cheese sandwich

All the gooey goodness of a grilled cheese sandwich may solidify in transit, meaning by the time it arrives on your plate it may not be quite as nice as you’re hoping.


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Noodle soup

Lizzy recommends only ordering noodle soup for delivery if you know the broth and noodles will be packaged separately.

If packed together you may end up with some rather bloated noodles and very little broth.

Steak, salmon, and seafood

Anything you’ll want to eat just-done can be risky to order for delivery, according to Lizzy.

She says: “Even if the chef nails the temperature at the restaurant, residual heat trapped in the storage container can overcook your beautiful protein.”


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Depending on which filling you’ve picked you can be left with a rather soggy sandwich when it arrives.

If opting for chicken, egg, or tuna salad, Lizzy suggests instead ordering the components separately and putting it all together on arrival.

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