I'm a bra whizz…I’ve got five tips to help you get the perfect bra & T-shirt ones probably aren’t your best bet

THOSE who choose to wear bras know how frustrating it is to shop for them – the cups are either too big or too small, the underwires dig into your flesh.

Finding the perfect-fitting bra is particularly challenging when you're looking for one online – but luckily, a savvy whizz has shared tips to help the process.

In a short clip on TikTok, Janette Ok, from Los Angeles, US, revealed her top five tips fellow lingerie fans can follow when trying to bag the ultimate bra.

Her first recommendation was taking a quiz online that would assist you in the bra-searching journey.

''I really like Third Love's quiz cause I feel like it's really accurate.''

According to the brand, almost 42 per cent of women complained the straps would constantly fall down, for more than one fourth there was an issue of cup gapping, and a whopping 40 per cent were in pain as the bra wires were pinching.

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For this reason, the 25-year-old pointed out, it's very important to find one that's comfortable, especially if you're wearing it for longer periods of time.

''Number two, fit is everything,'' she said, explaining that you should also examine the things you hate the most – for example, straps either digging in or slipping.

''Because we're all different shapes and sizes, you want to know which style fits you best.''

As there is such a wide array of styles in the market – t-shirt bra, bandeau, strapless and bralette, just to name a few – it is crucial to know what works for your breasts.

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''If you're fuller on top, make sure you go for t-shirt styles […] so that it covers all the way over,'' Janette demonstrated with a stunning red number in front of the camera.

For those whose girls are, on the other hand, fuller on the bottom, the TikTok-famous fashionista recommended investing in a balconette or a strapless multiway.


''Don't forget – bras are supposed to be hooked on the loosest set and then tightened as they get older.''

Her final tip when shopping for bras online was to also add a pair of matching undies – wearing one, Janette was convinced, would make others feel ''sexy''.

Her tips were branded ''amazing'' by viewers, with one thanking Janette for the educational video: ''I could never differentiate between the tshirt bra and the other one!''

''This is a really good test for the longes time I’ve been wearing a 36A to find out I’m a 30D [sic],'' another added.

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Janette has become a popular go-to for those seeking inspiration for outfits and bra hacks, with her clips amassing her a total of a 1.7 million followers on TikTok.

In one such video, she revealed how to use a pair of socks to give you an instant boob job that doesn't cost a penny.

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