I’m a ‘bad teacher’ – I showed off a week of outfits at my school & people say I look ‘stunning’ | The Sun

A TEACHER has shared her typical fashionable and trendy work outfits.

Jelena, who goes by the TikTok handle @badteacherrr, showed off her style as a teacher, and while some think it’s beautiful, others have told her she shouldn’t get so dressed up.

In one TikTok video, Jelena first wore a robe in her home while text on the screen read: “Outfits I wear as a teacher.”

Then it transitioned into a mini fashion show.

First, she wore a black turtleneck, a flowy patent leather midi skirt, and shiny pointed-toe booties.

She held up books as if she was in class and strutted across her living room.

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Her next look was much more casual. She tucked an oversized sweater into a pair of creamy-cropped trousers. She styled the outfit with white sneakers and a black briefcase-like bag.

Then Jelena turned out a posh look with a sheer white button-down top with striped accents. She also wore baby blue high-waisted pants with a matching thick belt.

After this, she went for a look that may best represent “teacher style.”

She wore a printed dress that reached her ankles, a quilted leather jacket, sneakers, and her briefcase.

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And for her last look, she wore a dark teal button-down sweater tucked into black fitted trousers. She also threw on a sophisticated teal coat over the look along with her pointed booties. 

“Which outfit do you like best?” Jelena asked in her caption.

People debated in the comments over their favorites, while someone answered: “All of them.”

Others called Jelena “stunning” and a “fashion school icon.”

Another person seemed to appreciate Jelena’s dressed-up yet conservative style, writing: “Ok good it’s some people who don’t understand teachers can’t show much of their body.”

But Jelena has also had her fair share of criticism over her style as a teacher.

In a follow-up video, she shared what people often tell her she shouldn’t do as a teacher.

It included putting on makeup, posting on social media, and dressing the way that she does. But Jelena adamantly disagrees and continues to flaunt her style.

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