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NAME choices are endless when you become a parent.

And while many mums and dads struggle to settle on a moniker for their newborn, it's a little easier if you're a baby name guru – like SJ Strum.

In fact, through her work helping parents over the years, mum-of-three SJ has a list of names she would avoid if she were to have any more kids herself.

"One pet peeve of parents is when your baby’s name gets misspelt or mispronounced," SJ told us.

"It sets you and your child up for a lifetime of repeating and correcting the name; or just giving in and going with the errors."

So watch out for these names, SJ advised, as she explained the correct way to pronounce them and the reasons she would avoid them as a mother.

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This pretty name is high on a lot of people's wish lists but the S is silent and it’s pronounced, An-Ay.  

Gorgeous right?

But wait; some parents choose the pronunciation Ann-Ees or An-Ay-Is –  so pretty on paper but you might need to teach people! 


A simple, timeless name but are you an Es-May or Es-Me?  

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Madeline, Adaline

The -Line ending is enduringly pretty but is is pronounced Line or Lin?  

Be prepared to correct it – but I’d say it’s worth it as who would get bored of saying these names more than once.


The French moniker surged in popularity after our new prince Louis helped people around the world distinguish it from Lewis!  

The S is silent. 


The A is an Ahhh but mums often come to me saying it’s commonly mispronounced as a strong A rhyming with Carrier.


Meaning Enlightenment but sadly no one is illuminated on where the H goes.

It’s Bow-Dee.


Be ready for a lot of people calling you Mya, that tricky I can trip people up even in this short sweet name.  


LEE-ah or LAY-a or Lee?? You tell me – it’s up to interpretation.


Not someone cheating in Wordle – it’s Irish and pronounced Eee-Fa.


On-drey-uh or An-dree-uh ? 


El-I-Us with the strong I makes this a gorgeous name but Ellie-Us slips out replacing the I sound with an E…maybe just go for Ellis.

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Fraser, like the island and the Christmas tree is a gorgeous name; people with this name might get used to going by Fraiser pronounced Fray-sha.

SJ hosts podcast Baby Name Envy alongside sister Naomi, as they help people pick baby names with real couples' dilemmas.

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