I work at a dentist & was horrified after a client told me what she'd done with her loose tooth for the last two months | The Sun

THERE'S no denying that the dentist is not only pricey, but can also be so busy that it can be tricky to get an appointment.

But one woman who works at a dentist has revealed the extreme measures one client went to when she wanted to eat some chewy food, but was left without a tooth for two months.

Eppersuran took to TikTok and posted a video where she explains: "When my patient tells me she had a tooth fall out two months ago but she puts it back in to chew things and takes it out at night."

The video has since gone viral and garnered a whopping 2.2 million views – with many saying the same thing.

"To be fair it isn't so shocking with dental costs! Gotta do what ya gotta do!" wrote one.

Another agreed: "Maybe if dental care was affordable and actually covered…"


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Elsewhere, others were left horrified by the revelation.

"That’s literally a recurring nightmare of mine," admitted one.

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"That my teeth just start falling out and I’m like 'need to eat something, better jam this back in.'"

A second penned: "I made my own tooth when I couldn't get into dentist.

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"I took it out for the X-ray he was so impressed, he said I should went to dental school – no joke."

A third wrote: "Been there done that.

"After spending 3k the tooth it came out a week later then dentist said too bad. So for 6 months while I save I stick it in."

Meanwhile, another was left in shock and told: "Never in my life have I heard of this."

A further noted: "That sounds kinda painful to do, I'd be scared of accidentally swallowing the tooth while eating."

And one more added: "Omfg I believe it though I can’t afford my crown."

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