I went to the Kardashians' favorite salad place – it was fun to 'shake' but the taste didn't blow me away | The Sun

A KARDASHIAN sister pow-wow isn't ever complete without an oversized salad bowl and a tall iced tea.

I tried the famed family's staple lunch spot Health Nut in Woodland Hills, California, and shaking the bowl was more satisfying than eating the $13 contents.

Between the Kardashians' new show and old, the number of times each sister has been seen munching on romaine from a plastic bowl is too many to count.

And their matte lipstick seems to never stop them from taking a bite or slurping, either.

Whether in the kitchen or on the couch, their family meetings require the same order from one Los Angeles establishment – Health Nut.

Watching Kourtney shake and Kim crunch on TV for so many years was enough to entice me to try.


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However, I didn't fly from where I live in New York to California just for a taste test; no salad is worth that.

But when the opportunity presented itself, I ensured Health Nut was at the top of my restaurant list.

And after further review, I'm glad it was. But not for the right reasons.

The celebrity-recommended salad place has three locations: Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, and Manhattan Beach.

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The original location is conveniently close to the Kardashian homes in Calabasas. I had to go there.

Tucked away in a quaint outdoor shopping mall, you'd never know such a coveted valley food joint was there just across the lot from a Mcdonald's.

Yet, when you step inside, it's evident Calabasas queens frequent there.

The vibe of Health Nut is understated – not what you would expect from the Kardashian women.

An all-gray, modern interior mimics the clean, healthy menu options.

I decided to have my Kim moment and grab her favorite salad-tea combo: a Chinese chicken salad and a mango "greentini."

For only $13.75, all Health Nut salads come in a large green plastic bowl.

I spent $19.38 on the salad and small iced tea.

Thinking only "to-go" orders would come with a plastic casing I always see the Kardashians eat out of: I acted as if I wasn't eating there so I could get it.

But every salad, whether you're dining in or taking out, comes in a disposable bowl.

And I'm not sure that's environmentally friendly.

Nevertheless, ordering it to-go had the added benefit of spreading my dressing so I could shake the salad like a Kardashian.

I felt like I had been training for this moment my entire life, and to do it with the actual salad was something else entirely.

The sweet and spice blend of shredded carrots, pickled ginger, romaine lettuce, peppered chicken, tasty cracker sticks, and spicy sesame dressing made the perfect meal.

As someone who loves this kind of salad, I wouldn't say I was blown away or seriously impressed, but I was pleasantly satisfied.

You can't go wrong with a cool crunch and smooth refresher to wash everything down.

However, I've had better. And actually, I've had better in Los Angeles.

My favorite thing about the salad, apart from shaking it with all I got, was that it lasted in the fridge until the next day.

Since the serving was so big, I wanted to save it for a later time.

But it's always a gamble whether a salad doused in the dressing will preserve its tastiness and edible ability after two hours.

Luckily, this Health Nut salad did.

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The experience of lunching at the location the Kardashian sisters love was worth the reasonable price.

Would I go back? Sure. Will I make an effort to? Probably not.

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