I wear ‘bad bitch’ outfits to my office job including low cut dresses & sheer tights – I think it’s fine | The Sun

AN Australian woman documents her work outfits online, and they have people drooling over her.

History buff, businesswoman, and content creator Tani Berlo shares her trendy and sometimes revealing office outfits online, and she’s empowered other women to push the fashion limit.

Tani is known for her passionate history lessons on TikTok, and while many people are fascinated by her knowledge, they’re also impressed by her beauty and fashion sense.

In one “fit check" video, Tani posed in a checkered oversized blazer and matching miniskirt with a dainty, low-cut top and sheer tights.

“It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a #workwear outfit so here’s a skirt suit look,” she wrote in the caption.

“Paired it with a corduroy body suit, stockings and faux croc heeled boots,” she added.

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People complimented the posh and flirty look.

“SMASHED IT!” one person wrote, while another added: “Need current inspiration for work wear! Looks amazing.”

In another video, Tani smized at the camera, wearing oversized reading glasses.

She wore a brown mini wrap dress with a daring neckline and fun sheer tights with a polka dot print.

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Filming alongside her dog, Tani wrote: “Just two bad bitches.”

“Definitely the baddest,” someone commented.

“I get free history lessons plus I get to enjoy your beauty and your brain's,” another added.

Then Tani documented a transitional work day to night out look. She wore a black top with an asymmetrical neckline that exposed half of her chest and one arm. She paired it with daringly tight leather pants.

“FIERCE,” one person added, and another said: “You are goals and everything I aspire to be!”

The history buff also amps up her works outfits by wearing bright colors and fun prints too.

After giving one of her TikTok history videos, a commenter wrote: “Very interesting.. However I’m going to need a fit check cuz wow.”

With people more interested in her style than her lesson, Tani responded with a much-desired outfit reveal.

She showed off what was perhaps her most daring work outfit yet: a bright pink bodycon dress with a red flower print and cutouts across her chest and down her cleavage.

“This is a pretty accurate representation of what you’ll get, a little bit of history, a little bit of whatever TF I feel like and a lot of #fitchecks,” Tani captioned the video.

Again, people ogled over her style, with someone labeling Tani a “History Bae.”

“GIRL! You’re my inspiration for everyday when I’m getting ready,” one woman wrote, while another echoed: “You slay every damn video. Love your fashion sense!”

Another approved: “Stunning! The fit, the archaeology, all of it! You are a treasure.”

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