I was told my baby was big then gave birth to a toddler… he’s so massive people say he’s ready for a can of Stella | The Sun

A MUM has gone viral after revealing just how big her baby is, with people saying he's ready for a can of Stella.

Nadine Pender, from Ireland, is a young mum who recently took the internet by storm after uploading a heartwarming video of her newborn son.

The parent regularly shares adorable glimpses of her daily life as a mum-of-four on TikTok, where her videos are liked by thousands.

But one clip in particular has gained a lot of attention- here, Nadine showed cute images of her baby boy who was already the size of a toddler the day he was born.

''My chunks,'' Nadine lovingly described the latest family addition in the caption of the video which has been viewed more than 2.2million times.

''Brought into hospital at 38 weeks, told I'm having a big baby,'' read the text alongside the image of Nadine posing with her huge baby bump.

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But rather than simply a bigger newborn, the young mum ended up with a toddler on her lap, who didn't mind sharing a cheeky smile.

The unusually large size of the baby hasn't gone unnoticed on social media, where TikTok users said the boy was ready for a can of beer.

One demanded: ''Give the man a Stella.''

A second added: ''had a game of pool with this geezer the other week, great bloke, he even bought my pint.''

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Seeing how big the baby was, someone else said: ''Bro ready to retire.''

Another chuckled: ''Bro tells his mum what time to go to bed.''

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There were also those who were convinced Nadine's son was already capable of driving a car.

''He drove home from the hospital,'' a viewer thought.

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''Just in time to get his A Level results,'' read another comment.

Fortunately, it seems that the young mum's not taken this to heart, as she replied to everyone: ''These comments [laughing emoji].''

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