I was sick of staring at my neighbour’s ugly wall so gave it a chic makeover, it only took 2 hours & looks much better | The Sun

A WOMAN revealed how she took matters into her own hands after being sick of staring at her neighbour’s ugly wall.

TikTok user @renovatelikekate uploaded a video sharing how she covered the offending wall in fake leaves and it only took two hours to transform.

She wrote: “Transforming an ugly garden wall.

“One of my favourite transformations to date.

“Covered the neighbour’s ugly wall with leaves.”

Kate added in the comments that the “ugly” wall had been there when she moved into their home and they were not left with many options to solve it.

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In the clip, she showed how she first erected a trellis that completely covered their wall and window of their extension.

She left a gap so they could still open their window, but it would be covered by the leaves. 

Her video has racked up thousands of likes, and people were quick to take to the comments.

One said: “Don’t blame you….looking right into your property.”

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Another added: “I did something similar with our next door neighbour.

"Looks great, and the fact that they can't see anything else through there, priceless.”

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