I wanted a meaningful quote tattooed on my back but the artist made FOUR mistakes and it’s awful | The Sun

GETTING a tattoo is a big commitment, and sometimes doesn’t go according to plan.

TikTok user Emma, who posts under @embracing.emmaa, was left upset after requesting an inspirational phrase for her inking.

She said the tattoo artist made at least four mistakes in the text and she was going to get it removed.

The phrase was supposed to say “No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible.”

However, Emma was quick to point out the errors in a video.

She said: “This will all be over on the 29th and as far as I know this woman is no longer tattooing or at least her shop in my area is closed.

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“Thank goodness.

“There is a very obvious reason why, but here we go.”

She pointed out that “possible” had been misspelt as “possibele.”

Emma continued: “‘Hope’ and ‘moment’ are very clearly ‘hape’ and ‘mament’ because they are very clearly ‘a’s compared to ‘matter.’

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“And then ‘dark’ she has spelt ‘dork’.

“Look at the distance between ‘the’ and ‘moment’ and ‘hope’ and they are different distances so it’s not a straight f***ing line.

“You can’t make this s*** up.

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“The lines are big and blown out and poofy.

“I know it’s hard to do some of these things, but if you say you can you better f***ing be able to and she couldn’t.”

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