I used to be a hardcore goth – since then I’ve had the ultimate make-under, people can hardly recognise me | The Sun

TIKTOK viewers have been left divided after a woman revealed the dramatic transformation she went through after being goth. 

Shauna, known as @shaunadeancokeland on the social media platform, explained that she simply had a change of heart in her style and never went back. 

“I used to be emo too!” she wrote in the opening scene of her short eight-second clip before adding: “rlly? What happened?” [sic] 

Behind the text she posted a photo of herself with a pixie haircut with a skeleton accessory in her short brunette hair. 

She donned a black Joy Division T-shirt with a cape, a black necklace with metallic studs and black, fishnet-style, finger-less gloves. 

With heavy black liner circling her eyes and a matching lipstick, she rested her cheek on one hand as she posed for the camera. 


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The scene then changed to Shauna in the present day, looking completely different. 

Sporting a shoulder-length blonde ‘do, the woman wore a light blue jumper with a bright star necklace. 

Ditching the heavy black make-up, Shauna sported a smokey eye with red lipstick for the look. 

Lip syncing to a scene from Harley Quinn, she said: “I used to be a doctor too!” to which a voice replied: “You have lost yourself to madness.”

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She then said: “I changed career paths.” 

In the caption, she added: “yes that is a vampire cape. Yes i wore it to school. Yes there were matching fangs.” [sic] 

Viewers were left divided over her new look as one person wrote: “go back”. [sic]

Another chimed: “bring her back you know you want to [wicked]”. [sic] 

While a third said: “itll come back promise”. [sic] 

Others were for her makeover as several called it a “glow up” as one person said: “idk how to say this but you still look edgy (idk) in the second look despite also looking more traditionally feminine n i like it”. [sic] 

Another said: “Honestly iconic,” as a third shared: “A lot better now but u didn’t look bad”.

“Went from Raven to Rebecca and I’m loving it,” another said. 

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