I tried to ice up my blonde hair extensions at home but it was a total fail – people say it's so bad it made them scream | The Sun

A BLONDE woman has left people in stitches after her DIY hair toning job went seriously wrong.

Social media personality Leigh Styles wanted to match her long extensions to her natural hair.

To do this, she lightened the clip-in hair with toner at home and shared the result on TikTok.

“Toning is the final step in the colour process that dials down those unwanted tones to make the hair look neutral and sandy,” said hairstylist Shvonne Perkins.  

“Many times, this happens in the shampoo bowl and is about a 20-minute process that you don’t actively see.”

And while the process is best done in a hair salon, Styles still opted to do it herself at home. 

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The result sparked mass interest and a lot of laughter.

“I wanted to check the back of my hair to see if my hair extensions match after toning them,” she penned over the video.

Styles turned around to show the back of her head, which consisted of icy-blonde lengths and her warmer blonde natural hair sitting on top.

She dubbed the experience a “fail” and shared that she purchased the extensions from Amazon. 

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It turns out that Styles is one of many women who have fallen victim to DIY hairdressing fails. 

“Screaming,” laughed one. “We’ve all been there.”

“I have this problem every month I swear,” another empathised.

Others joked that “the back of their head is not their problem” and assured Styles her hair was fine as long as she couldn’t see how bad it looked.

Some hairdressers weighed in on how to stop the colour contrast from happening again.

“As a hairstylist, your natural hair looks like maybe you used too high of heat on a hot tool and it made your toner turn a funny colour,” explained one.

“I learned to never use purple shampoo or tone extensions unless you know for sure or do a test strand,” another woman advised. 

The hilarious video has totted up a whopping 1.2 million views and almost 30,000 likes.

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