I tried to DIY wax my nose hairs using cotton buds but it didn’t go well at all and hurt so much | The Sun

A WOMAN left her social media followers in hysterics when she shared how she’d had a major waxing mishap. 

TikToker Abbie had been attempting to wax her nose hairs using hot wax and cotton buds – which were supposed to make the removal process easier.

But as she recorded the beauty tutorial for her sister on Snapchat, Abbie discovered that they weren’t so much of a help. 

In the video clip reposted to her TikTok account @itsyagirlabbs, Abbie can be seen standing with the cotton buds hanging out of each nostril.

She then goes to remove one – but ends up open-mouthed when only the stick comes away, leaving the bud still up in her nostril.

As it dawns on her what has happened, Abbie breaks into fits of giggles.

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She then goes to pull it out, before she tells her sister: “Oh no, oh no… it’s stuck!”

Panic then sets in as she tries to work out how to remove the tip of the bud, and she repeats again: “Oh my gosh, it’s stuck!” 

She continues: “What do I do?

“Oh my gosh, I’m freaking out because I can’t breathe.”

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She then likens the bud to “feeling like a big booger”, and deems the situation “terrible.” 

Still struggling to remove the bud, Abbie then decides to remove the other one from her nostril – only for exactly the same thing to happen. 

As she laughs at the shock for a second time, Abbie admits she’s putting on a brave face, as she adds: “It hurts so much.” 

The camera then cuts off, and luckily, she went on to remove them both safely once she’d stopped filming.

In a follow-up video, she explained: “I honestly wasn't thinking, I genuinely was just wanting to wax my eyebrows and I was like, you know what? My nose is looking a little, a little hairy.”

Abbie then shared how she had to use force to get them out saying she ended up “just having to get up in there with my fingers and I just like ripped it”.

And it seems she’s learned her lesson, as American Abbie then titled the video “don’t use cotton tip q-tips to wax your nostrils.”

Meanwhile, her social media followers said they couldn’t believe what they’d just watched and that they really felt for her.

One typed: “This gave me straight anxiety.

“I stopped breathing from my nose like it was stuck in mine.”

A second person added: “Whew. I started panicking for you.”

But others said they were glad she saw the funny side, as it had entertained them too. 

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One wrote: “The way I just burst out laughing when you pulled out the second one.”

A second said: “I didn’t expect for them to be stuck, the second one took me out.”

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