I sued my boss after he paid my £666 wage by dumping pennies on my driveway alongside a rude note

A MECHANIC has sued after he was given his final pay cheque in tens of thousands of oil-covered pennies.

Andreas Flaten took legal action after his former boss dumped 91,500 coins on his drive along with a rude note which said: “F*** you”. 

The dispute began after Andreas, 26, walked out of his job at a car repair shop. 

However, Andreas from Fayetteville, Georgia, US only received the bulk payment, which he claims was less than what he was owed, after he contacted officials over the lateness of his final salary. 

He said that the pennies totalled 915 US dollars (about £666) and weighed about 500lbs (227kg). 

His story went viral after photos of the parting shot were uploaded on social media.


But now the US Department of Labour has filed a federal complaint against OK Walker Autoworks and its owner, Miles Walker.

They allege he "violated retaliation prohibition and overtime laws".

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He is seeking $36,971 – over £27,000 – back and other damages following his resignation last year.

The Department of Labour’s Wage and Hour Division also claim Mr Walker published defamatory statements about the worker on the company’s website.

In the lawsuit, the owner is also accused of violating the Fair Labour Standards Act.

It took Andreas nearly seven hours to remove the pennies which were piled on his driveway, according to a press release. 

Steven Salazar, a Wage and Hour Division district director, said: “By law, worker engagement with the US Department of Labour is protected activity. Workers are entitled to receive information about their rights in the workplace and obtain the wages they earned without fear of harassment or intimidation."

The story came to light when Andreas’ girlfriend Olivia Oxley posted about the driveway discovery.

She said he is "kind of irritated" about the situation, which meant he has had to clean the pennies individually in order to cash them in.

He worked for the money the first time, and now he has to work for his money again so that seems completely backwards to me

She added: "That's actually not even his whole pay cheque, that was his salary but he was also paid a commission at the end of every month… so he's definitely still owed money

"He worked for the money the first time, and now he has to work for his money again so that seems completely backwards to me."

However, the owner of the shop said last March that he didn't recall dropping the pennies off at his former employee's home.

"I don't really remember," Mr Walker told station WGCL-TV. "It doesn't matter, he got paid, that's all that matters."

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