I stained my white mani with food & they turned yellow… then my mum told me about a 5p hack & they came out like new | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has shared how she removed food stains from her white manicure – and it only cost her a couple of pennies.

There's nothing worse than forking out a fortune for new nails only to then ruin them with food – but sadly, this is exactly what happened to TikTok user @hhcbab, from the UK.

After devouring a meal with no gloves, the stunner noticed that her once white manicure had become bright yellow.

But instead of rushing to a nearby salon, the woman was told about aquick fix by her mum and she decided to give it a shot.

According to her, the hack is simple and only calls for a few ingredients laying around your home – some bleach, a splash of water and a little drizzle of dish-washing soap.

In the video, the young beauty fan mixed all of the liquids together ina metal bowl, ensuring the bleach was not too concentrated.

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''Literally, just dip in your nails. Make sure there's no contact with the water and your skin,'' she warned her 2.9k followers on TikTok.

After about 15min of the nails marinating in the concoction, the woman was amazed by the results.

''What a madness!''

Posted just one day ago, the clip has already taken the social media platform by storm, racking up over a whopping 475k views.

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Over 200 fellow beauty fans flocked to comments to thank her and share their top recommendations.

One said: ''Girlie you can use nail polish remover it works wonders.''

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Another added: ''Alcohol wipes are meant to work aswell [sic].''

''Milton sterilising liquid works well too,'' a third claimed.

''here's me thinking these are cute Easter nails,'' someone else chuckled.

It seems that mothers do indeed know best – one mum recently shared a 1p hack for making your old clumpy nail varnish like new.

Clare Hoops, 48, from the UK, took to TikTok to reveal the hack – not only is it almost free but also super easy, so if you're about to treat yourself to a DIY mani, best keep reading.

The trick, it turns out, is using something that's already sitting in your bathroom – nail polish remover.

''If you've got a nail varnish that is a little bit gloopy, just a little bit sticky, you take a tiny but of nail varnish remover,'' she instructed her 64k fans in the video.

To make your polish easier to apply, simply pour a little bit of the remover into the glass bottle and give it a good shake.

''It won't be quite the same as when you bought it but it will definitely make it a little bit easier to manage.

''It means you won't waste it – it won't be that thick, gloopy.

''Use it a little bit longer,'' the savvy whizz urged her followers to reduce waste where possible.

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