I spent $500k on butt surgery to look like Cardi B – I had no idea of the risks & am paying the price, I need it removed | The Sun

A MODEL who had industrial silicone injections in her butt has told how the BBL procedure left her unable to walk and ripped her skin.

And the Brazilian influencer admits that she opted for the risky butt lift op because she wanted a body like Cardi B.

In an exclusive interview, model JuJu Ferrari told The U.S. Sun: “I've always been obsessed with having a big butt and wanted to match Cardi B’s figure.

“I had the BBL injections like she had but only discovered later that the person had used industrial silicone for my first procedure.

"When I had the injections I was in pain, my butt felt heavy, I was tired, I couldn't walk afterwards and then my skin tore.

“At the time, the person who applied the injections told me that I wouldn't have any risks, so I feel I’ve been deceived."

Last month, Cardi B took to Instagram Live and offered an update on her own difficult and drastic plastic surgery experiences.

And while her video has since been removed, the rapper told how she'd started the process of removing industrial silicone (or what's known as biopolymers) from her butt.

“If you don't know what it is, it's a** shots,” she said at the time before adding: “It was a really crazy process.

"All I'm going to say is that if you're young, if you're 19, 20, 21, and sometimes you're too skinny, and you be like 'OMG I don't have enough fat to put in my a**,' so you result to a** shots, DON'T!"

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The 30-year-old Bronx-born rapper is known to have gone under the knife in the past and has previously spoken about opting for a boob and nose job.

Then in 2018, Cardi B told GQ magazine that the woman who had injected her butt with silicone gel in a basement room had gone to jail.

It appears one of her clients had died on the operating table.

“When I saw Cardi B’s story I knew exactly what she was going through, " adds JuJu, who over the last decade has shelled out up to $500000 on cosmetic surgery.

“Cardi B’s situation is just like mine since we both pursued an ideal of beauty, we crossed the line and are now suffering the consequences.

“I'm also taking out the silicone gel product in my butt like she did and started with the first removal surgery only a few weeks ago."

And while Cardi B's BBL surgery reportedly involved the use of the same type of gel, over the past few years, the more common BBL procedure using fat injections has been linked to fatalities as well.

In 2017, it was reported that one in 3000 BBLs using a patients own fat had led to deaths and so this type of plastic surgery has become one of the world’s riskiest.

"When I had these dangerous BBL injections, I had three rounds of injection applications and in the first one they put in 200 mililitres of silicone.

"In the next ones I had 200 mililitres added each time.

“I believe that the first person used industrial silicone which is otherwise a black market butt injection.

“These ready-made injections were applied without anaesthesia and in small doses as I lay on my back.

“They injected and then modeled the product.

“At first I didn't feel much of a difference and thought my butt was getting more prominent and defined, even though I couldn't walk for four days.

“Then I had to apply something called gold threads to hold the weight of my butt.

“The gold threads were placed to give a tighter appearance.

"They also stimulated the production of collagen in my skin to make it healthier and firmer.

“They had to insert the threads to pull up the muscle and support the weight of the new butt.

“It was when I discovered what had been injected at first was industrial silicone that I learned later about the risks.

"I had started to watch my butt take the wrong shape and my skin pull down and tear.

“I had also read Cardi B's story and became frightened so started the treatments to remove it all.

“I always believed that a woman's power of seduction was in her butt.

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“I always thought that, having a small one, I wasn't sexy enough.

“I'm happy that the subject of removing this dangerous product in my butt serves as a warning to others who, like me, have this same problem.”

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