I spend $88 a month on drinking water – it’s delivered in Italian-crafted glass jugs, it's 'high-vibe' and I’m obsessed | The Sun

A TIKTOKER has revealed her expensive taste when it comes to drinking water.

She shared that she drops serious money to the tune of $88 monthly just to stay hydrated.

Ellie Stiles (@elevatewithelliestiles) addressed her fancy water habit in a video on TikTok.

"Let's talk about Alive Water and why I'm obsessed with it. I pay $88 a month to have this delivered to my house," she said.

Ellie filmed herself holding up the ornate glass jug that the water arrived in.

"It comes in these gorgeous, gorgeous containers. Their water comes from two natural springs that have zero industrial contamination," she added.

Ellie explained what sets Alive Water apart from other types of drinking water.

"This water is packed with minerals. They deliver all of these jars every four weeks. This is high vibe water and you can feel it," she said.

She specified that her review of the pricy water came from her own beliefs.

"Not sponsored, just in love with this water," she added in the caption.

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According to their website, the Alive Water jugs are crafted with Italian glass.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"I’d love for my biologist friends to test this," one wrote. "I bet a Buffalo nickel that is filtered tap water."

"I wish my moral compass was more flexible," another added. "I could be selling water from my tub for $88 a pop apparently."

"So it is normal mineral water from the store but in a glass container," a third commented.

"Seeing this when there are cities in the US that don’t have safe drinking water is wild," yet another wrote.

"Watching this while drinking water from a waterfall in Norway 100 percent clean, 100 percent free," one more commented.

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