I regret my baby's unique name – it never gets pronounced right & is always shortened to a nickname I hate | The Sun

FINDING the perfect baby name can be a very tricky and lengthy task.

That's why many seek inspiration from a whole host of different sources – including films, books and social forum sites.

So one anonymous woman took to Mumsnet and told of her devastation after thinking she'd found a dream moniker for her two-month-old son Danyel, only for everyone to pronounce it wrong.

In the initial post, she penned: "I named baby boy Danyal but it's not getting pronounced correctly and it's just getting shortened to Danny which I do not like.

"Should I just change it to Farris or Zain?"

She went on to ask social forum users for their recommendations – and the post was flooded with very mixed responses.

"Is it supposed to be Daniel?" asked one.


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The concerned mum replied: "It's a variation. I just do not like the nickname associated with the name (Danny)."

A second commented: "You'll never stop people shortening or lengthening names – particularly when your child starts school and makes their own friends."

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A third wrote: "Danyal is clearly going to become Dan or Danny. It will also be pronounced Daniel.

"How did you expect it to be pronounced?

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"I'd assume that his name is Daniel but you've gone for a 'special' spelling. I think most people would.

"Farris or Zain are OK names but you still won't escape the nicknames. Farr or Zainy spring to mind. It's just what people do."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "I think you have to be happy with the diminutives of a name you choose.

"You can’t control them being used. Also if you’re in the UK the name looks like Daniel so again people will pronounce it like it until they’re corrected.

"If you can’t live with that I’d consider changing it, but beware of checking these for your new choices. Best of luck."

Another suggested: "What about Daryl or Darius?"

And one more added: "If you don't want it shortened to Danny or Dan then you have to correct people and say that you're not using that form of the name.

"At 2 months you can control that – as he gets older his friends will call him what they want!"

However, one person defended the woman and noted: "I pronounce Danyal dan-yarl.

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"I've no idea why people would shorten it to Danny which is horrid. Dan is better but I still wouldn't use it for a baby.

"Farris and Zain are both easier names to wear I think."

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