I quit my nursing job to launch my own fashion business with £143- now I’m retired at 25 & earning a seven-figure salary

A WOMAN who quit her nursing job to launch her own fashion brand with £143 has claimed she's retired at 25 and earning a seven-figure through her multiple businesses.

American mum Isabel Sanchez boasts over 40,000 followers on TikTok and has her own brand Resiliently Me – which sells women's slogan loungewear.

Alongside this venture, the former nurse allegedly made her money by marketing beauty products for Monat.

In one video, the mum explained how she was left with $70,000 of student debt after training to be a nurse.

During her time at nursing school, Isabel said she was "living paycheck to paycheck" working part-time as a waitress and missing valuable time with her son.

Once she graduated, the mum spent a year working in her chosen field before starting her online business.

She now claims to be earning a seven-figure salary from her multiple ventures and has moved into her "dream penthouse" in Miami with partner Shane and their son.

Giving followers a glimpse of her lavish lifestyle, Isabel said she's gone on "multiple dream vacations" to Costa Rica and even saved enough for her son to go to college one day.

In another video, Isabel hit back at some of the most common criticism she faces online.

I spent the last $200 in my bank account to start my online business.

While most people assume her parents gave her money to set up her company, Isabel said: "I spent the last $200 in my bank account to start my online business."

What's more, she also hit back at the assumption that she must have been "well-connected" to create such a successful brand.

She added: "No I started with 300 followers and have grown organically."

When asked why she stopped nursing, Isabel said: "My passion changed.

"I made a lot more money working my online business and have the freedom to do what I want with my days."

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