I made a noise complaint about my single mum neighbour – her screaming baby keeps me up all night and I’m losing it | The Sun

A BUSY medical student, who regularly works 100 hours a week, has had to file a noise complaint against her single mum neighbour.

The 26-year-old woman took to Reddit to reveal she was forced to make the complaint because she was being kept awake through the night by the baby's crying.

And her lack of sleep was having such an impact on every aspect of her life that she even "fell asleep standing up" at work.

"My downstairs neighbour had a baby last month," she began.

"Since she came home from the hospital I haven't slept through the night.

"I'm woken up every 1-2hrs by the baby and this baby screams.

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"I know the mum is trying her best – I'm sure she doesn't want to be woken up either but I'm losing it.

"I fell asleep Thursday standing up in the middle of rounds.

"My attending was not impressed and I was reprimanded."

She added that while she'd considered wearing earplugs, she feared she wouldn't wake up for her alarm or her phone when she was in call.

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She continued to reveal that she had tried to contact the mum, but been unsuccessful on multiple occasions, and had then resorted to making an official complaint.

"I spoke to my landlord Friday evening," she explained.

"I was very clear that I'm not trying to blame this woman, I just wanted to know if there could be some sound proofing done or something."

But news of the complaint didn't go down well with the neighbour, who woke up the medical student by "pounding and screaming" on her door.

"The mother was furious with me and kept screaming about how I'm selfish and trying to kick out a single mum," she said.

"Neighbours were watching and I kept trying to explain but she (and the baby) just kept screaming.

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"I lost it. I'm beyond exhausted and just screamed back. I told her her baby is so loud she might cost me my job and that I can't function anymore because of her and that soundproofing isn't the end of the world."

She ended up feeling "awful" for losing her temper and leaving the woman in tears.

And when her landlord called her, he said that he'd heard about the dispute and wouldn't be evicting the mum.

"She was never in danger of being evicted. I NEVER WANTED THAT EITHER. Babies cry, but I didn't sign up for this," she concluded.

In comments on the Reddit post, people were divided as to who was in the wrong.

"This one is tough, because babies cry and sometimes there is very little you can do to make them stop but I do understand how it must be frustrating for you, especially if it has negative consequences on your job," one person wrote.

"You are right that a screaming match is not the way to handle it, but I can totally understand losing your patience when someone is screaming in your face."

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But another argued: "You are basically asking her not to walk around during hours when you want to sleep, but quietly walking around one's apartment is reasonable at any hour.

"What do you expect her to do?"

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