I love wearing sexy Love Island bikinis – trolls say I’m too fat but I just love the feeling of being nearly naked | The Sun

LOVE Island is coming back on our screens and that means one thing – a LOT of very skimpy bikinis.

And superfan Celestina Diamond loves to get involved by dusting off one of her 10 swimsuits and showing off to her Instagram followers.

The plus size model, 34, enjoys feeling "almost naked" in her favourite bikinis – even if cruel trolls try to shame her online.

As a size 22, she is calling for more representation of different body sizes on the show, and insists that anyone should be able to feel sexy when they strip off.

“I am obsessed with Love Island and have been a loyal fan since season three," says Celestina.

“But it would be nice to see more differently shaped bodies that represent the different colours and shapes of British women.

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“Right now you don’t get to see a Love Island body in a bikini that looks as gorgeous and curvy as mine.”

Celestina, who lives in London and has been single for two years, has plenty to say about the controversial term “bikini body”.

“It is awful we have allowed society to use this phrase against women. I find it shocking," she says.

“Even I was conditioned to believe that a bikini body is a size 10.

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“Today my belief is if you have got a body then you can wear a bikini.

“And yes I’m very content with how I look in a bikini.”

'I love feeling almost naked'

“I love bikinis because I really enjoy the sexiness of being almost – but not quite – fully naked.

“It’s why I’m happy to flaunt my body – regardless of what people think.

“I embrace my curves and all the other parts that come with being plus size.

“Besides anything that makes me feel sexy deserves a place on my body.”

Celestina is the proud owner of “at least” ten bikinis.

She says high street ones "don’t tend to hold the girls in as well", so she wears specialist ones from lingerie brands Wacoal and Figleaves, which are more comfortable too.

As for favourite styles?

"I love everything from a thong to a full brief," she says. "My crossover draped one is colourful and pops in the sun.

“They’re easy to put on. And make tanning and sunbathing easier too.

“I don’t own a black one – it’s colour all the way for me.”

Last summer Celestina travelled to Croatia and Ibiza on holiday with her bikinis. In Croatia, it was the first time she had worn a bikini on a beach.

But it was poolside at a posh Ibiza hotel that Celestina wore her skimpiest bikini.

“I was shocked at the stares and looks I got but had mentally prepared for it too. The reactions were pretty out there," she says.

“But if people try and make me feel uncomfortable then I will turn the tables and make them feel that way too.

“Take, for example, some 40-something lads who were on holiday together.

“Yes they were good-looking guys but I knew they were saying uncomplimentary things about me. So I deliberately walked past the large hotel pool towards them before finally strutting very slowly past them at the poolside bar, and saying a flirty hello.

"I got a lot of stares from the other holidaymakers but the blokes were speechless and mortified I’d drawn attention to their behaviour.”

'Trolls can get lost'

The same goes for trolls who have targeted her across social media.

“Of course, I have been trolled on social media about my weight – what woman hasn’t?" she says.

"If I have the energy I do sometimes respond to nasty comments. But if someone dares to slide into my DMs to troll me then I respond to them and make it clear that I never asked for their opinion and they can, quite frankly, get lost."

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Yet it is women who are the biggest fans of Celestina’s physique.

“Some women are really nice to me. They’re the ones who always compliment me on my bikinis. Whether they like the cut or the colour. They go out of their way to tell me. It’s why I always compliment women about their appearance too. We need to big each other up.”

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