I knew Harry before he married Meghan – the man I knew adored his dad but after memoir betrayal he's unrecognisable | The Sun

PRINCE Harry's biographer says he is unrecognisable compared to the man she once knew.

Angela Levin spent fifteen months with the Duke when she was writing Harry: Conversations with the Prince in 2018.

But following the release of Harry's explosive memoir Spare, Ms Levin says the once "intuitive" man who "understood people" is long gone.

The Royal Family expert told The Sun Online: "He's completely different in every possible way.

"How many betrayals can you have? It's one after the other.

"It's a betrayal, it's a huge betrayal."

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Ms Levin added how she believes Harry's views of his father King Charles have changed markedly, too.

She suggested: "I remember him saying about his father feeling the loss [Diana] just as they were, in a slightly different way, he's been there to look after us and protect us.

"He and William put on a birthday party, Harry was full of praise [about his father]."

Ms Levin went on to address allegations from Harry that Prince William attacked him during an argument about Meghan Markle.

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Analysing the claim, leaked days before the book's UK release, she said: "He wants to believe that he's 100% in the right and his brother is 100% in the wrong.

"Of course he's trying to take them down."

Other salvos launched at The Firm in Spare was that Harry accused Camilla of leaking stories to the press.

And the Prince even claims she launched a campaign to marry Charles to get the crown.

We can reveal in Spare that Harry claims:

  • William jabbed his finger at Meghan during a row over comments she made about Kate’s “hormones”
  • Describes Kate as “wide-eyed” and grabbing her seat while demanding an apology from Meghan 
  • That his brother warned him that a relationship with an “American actress” would go “wrong” and branded Meghan “difficult” and “rude”
  • Harry accuses William of grabbing him by the collar and breaking his necklace knocking him to the ground and cracking his back on a dog bowl
  • Reckons William and Kate were upset they never received a present for Easter
  • Accuses Kate of making Meghan cry over a bridesmaid fitting
  • William was jealous that Harry had approval from the Queen to wear a beard at his and Meghan’s Royal Wedding
  • Kate “grimaced” and was “taken aback” when Meghan borrowed her lip gloss

Harry also alleges William jabbed his finger at Meghan during a row over comments she made about Kate’s “hormones”.

And the Duke accuses Catherine, the Princess of Wales, of making Meghan cry over a bridesmaid fitting.

Amid a torrent of allegations – revealed by The Sun after we got hold of a copy in Spain – Ms Levin believes there is now no way back for Harry.

She explained: "How Harry thinks he could get his family back after being so rude and callous is [beyond belief]."

The Sun has translated text from the Spanish edition after the original biography was written in English, therefore the quotes may not be exact. 

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams shared similar concerns as he focussed on Harry's relationship with Charles.

He told The Sun Online: "Charles now has some real dilemmas.

"To ask him to go ahead with a business as usual approach when you've had this? What does Charles do?"

The royal expert said that despite them being invited, most Brits would not see it "appropriate" to have Meghan and Harry at The King's May 6 Coronation.

Mr Fitzwilliams warned: "It would retract from the dignity of the occasion.

"If you trash it, as Harry is doing it quite ruthlessly, then I don't think they should be invited."

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Prince Harry will sit down with ITV's Tom Bradby at 9pm on Sunday for his latest interview.

Spare hits shelves in the UK on Tuesday January 10.

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