I have big boobs and tried the viral backless Amazon dress – my jaw dropped when I put it on | The Sun

TAKING advantage of the latest fashion trends can be a challenge when you have a bigger chest, so many women skip any look that requires going braless.

When one well-endowed woman found a miraculous dress on Amazon that looked gorgeous while fully supporting her, she had to tell everyone.

Kathryn Zingone is an influencer with over 262k followers, and she frequently posts styling tips for viewers who have a DD/DDD chest like hers.

When she learned about a viral backless dress on Amazon that provided ample chest support at under $25, she had to give it a shot.

"I saw a girl who had a bigger chest like I do try on this Amazon dress, and it looked stunning," Zingone said, holding up the sundress.

She bought the dress in a peppy floral print. The steep, low-cut back looked daring, and Zingone was nervous to see how it looked.


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"We're going to see how it looks," the skeptical style expert said to her followers.

She ordered it in a size small, choosing one of the popular floral prints. Once Zingone put the dress on, her jaw dropped.

"You have to be kidding," she said, gazing at herself in the camera.

Zingone stood back, twisting and turning to show how well the dress fitted her figure.

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"I never thought that I could wear backless dresses because of my chest, but just look," she said.

The dress fit with no gaping or sagging on the chest or sides and didn't result in any unwanted chest spillage, either.

Zingone was most impressed with how well the delicate material held her breasts in place.

"The girls look nice and supported and I'm not wearing a bra," she said, clearly shocked.

Commenters were quick to commend Zingone on the smart purchase, and several planned to buy the dress themselves.

"It looks like it was made specifically for you, it's gorgeous," wrote one fan.

"Wowww. The woman was too stunned to speak," said another.

Other women confirmed the dress was a great investment for larger cup sizes – she bought it herself after seeing it on TikTok.

"My girls were very supported without a bra, the straps are a little weird but not too bad," she wrote. "I actually really love it and I didn’t think I would!"

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