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A WOMAN has revealed she used to pluck her wonky hairline only to then fill it in with make-up – as well as some other questionable decisions.

Let's admit it – we've all make a few errors in the past that make us mortified today – and the beauty lover, Lola Olson (@lola_olson), is no exception.

But unlike many,she used to go further than just overplucking her brows – for a full year, from 2017 to 2018, she would pluck her hairline to only then fill it in with dark make-up.

Looking back, the young woman was completely mortified and shared the snaps in a video on TikTok.

''This looked way worse in person, it was disgusting.

''Just brown paint smeared on my forehead,'' Lola said, before giving it a rating of 1/10.

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''My forehead was like literally an inch high.''

It seems like 2017 was year of many poor decisions – and it's not just Lola's hairline that suffered.

''In 2017, I started my eyeliner from the middle of my eye up because I thought that would give me an eyelift.

''I don't know how I thought that looked good.

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''People would ask me all the time if my eyelashes were falling off and I was like 'No, that's just how I wear them','' she explained.

''Adding to the list of crimes I committed in 2017, I was convinced that if my eyebrows were completely straight, to the point of being almost upturned, I would look exactly like Ariana Grande.''

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However, looking back at the photos from the year, Lola very quickly realised this was far from the case.

''I, in fact, did not look like Ariana Grande… or like a human.''

After going viral with the video on social media, the woman, who lives and breathes all things hair and beauty, shared another clip with the mistakes she made back in the day.

''In another desperate encounter I had with coloured contacts, I decided I wanted to be Megan Fox.''

Wanting to look like the Hollywood actress, the younger Lola inserted bright blue contact lenses – however, things did not go as anticipated.

''I don't know how I didn't terrify myself looking in the mirror.

''At this time, too, no guys were talking to me and I figured it was just because they were too intimidated by me.

''B**ch, they were scared.''

The period was particularly harsh on Lola's eyebrows, as after going for the straight look, she decided to try something else -a more wonky appearance.

''I was an alien. These eyebrows…. I thought it would be cute if I looked worried all the time.''

With more than a million combined views, the clips have taken the internet by storm, leaving social media users in stitches.

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''I’m sorry you have to live with these memories,'' one person commented.

Another penned: ''I gasped at the lashes i’m so sorry bestie.''

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