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ONE beauty fan was left terrified after getting a lip flip – only for her lips to swell like a balloon.

Bronwyn Papineau share the journey on YouTube – explaining that she hated her thin top lip so decided to go under the knife to get it plumped up.

Sharing her experience on YouTube, the beauty fan said she had gotten lip filler before but hated the space between her top lip and nose.

She said: "I have the ideal mustache space on my face," and the lip fillers were doing nothing to close the gap.

In the caption of the clip, she wrote: "This lip lift surgery has been a year in the making.

"I wasn't sure if I even wanted to upload this footage. Over the many years I have been on youtube, even before fillers, I always got hate comments about my lips.


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"Even before then a running joke always went around in my personal life about the large space between my nose and upper lip.

"Over the past 6 years I had been getting lip filler in my upper lip in an attempt to push my lip up, reducing the philtrum space.

"Of course, this did not work and resulted in overfilled and unnatural-looking lips."

That's when Bronwyn decided to get a surgical lip flip instead, but it didn't go quite to plan.

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After being accompanied to the surgery with her mum and sister, Bronwyn realised her top lip was beginning to swell quickly.

At first, the young woman was convinced she had swollen because of the amount of numbing injection that was put on her lips, but it turned out that wasn't the case.

But as the hours progressed, Bronwyn continued to swell, leaving her unable to talk or eat, and the next day her lips had doubled in size yet again.

She added: "So it turns out, this isn't normal," in regards to the swelling.

"It's an allergic reaction to lidocaine, the injection they use to numb your face."

Luckily, she was prescribed steroids to help with the reaction, after her doctor confirmed she was 'otherworldly swollen.'

But the pain was so bad Bronwyn had to put metal spoons in the freezer and rub them on her lips to help soothe her agony.

Fortunately, a mixture of her spoons and steroids helped the swelling go down overnight and by day eight, the swelling was almost gone.

Bronwyn revealed that although she was left in pain for a week, she was excited to see the full results of surgery and claimed the swelling wouldn't be as bad for others due to the fact she had an allergic reaction to the numbing ingredient.

However, she suspected her lips were also now infected, and according to her research, one in five people get an infection after the surgery.

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After getting her stitches removed, Bronwyn was told by her doctor that there was no infection – and that the gunk coming out was some of her dissolvable stitches.

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