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WE all hate washing up at the end of the evening, but one savvy mum has found an easy hack for avoiding it completely.

Instead of using plates and cutlery, she just lays TINFOIL across the entire dining room table to serve her family of four.

Rebecca Cubberly laid down five strips of tin foil across the dining room table on Monday before piling on mince, vegetables, nachos, cheese and wraps and letting her brood gather around to help themselves.

The 28-year-old cooked the mince in an air fryer, and the family ate with their hands meaning the only things she had to scrub were a chopping board and a knife, which she'd used to prepare lettuce and peppers.

After they polished off the meal all that was left to do was pick up the tin foil and throw it away.

The stay-at-home mum says the simple solution saved her half an hour of washing up.


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Then she sent her husband Karl, 30, to bathe children Jack, six, and Evie, four, while she relaxed.

Rebecca, from Telford, Shropshire, said: "We like picky meals and this way is more fun and the clean up afterwards was great, I had a knife and a chopping board to clean.

"Normally you have five bowls and a frying pan to wash and we didn't even use cutlery. I didn't have to deal with that.

"I used the air fryer as well so it saved me loads of washing up.

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"I normally spend about half an hour cleaning up after a meal like that and it's a long time to spend cooking and cleaning after a long day.

"It was that easy I told my husband to do bath time and I'd tidy up. I thought there is no washing up so I'll do it tonight and he can have the difficult job of doing bath time.

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"The kids loved the tinfoil. I facetimed my mum to see their reaction because they loved it.

"We'll 100 per cent be doing it again, we'll be trying it with lots of different things like pizza and ploughman's or when we have a picky tea or when I'm just not in the mood to wash up.

"I've got that extra time I'd normally spend washing up that I can spend with the kids and it's a bit of a treat without the effort."

She posted a photo of her time-saving hack on social media.

But in the comments, her followers debated about the benefits and commented that it was a waste of tin foil and could damage the environment.

They wrote: "No dishes but it’ll sit in landfill for up to 400 years."

Rebecca says she recycled the foil and as well as saving time, she also saved water because she didn't have to use the dishwasher.

Rebecca said: "I see where they're coming from but I popped the foil in the recycling.

"Everything has packaging but I didn't buy a taco kit so there was no waste from that. I got minced beef which I split to make another meal with.

"I didn't buy taco seasoning, I made my own at home. I bought wraps which have packaging but there were enough wraps for lunch for my children and everything has packaging. You can't get wraps without packaging.

"I didn't use the dishwasher and only a bit of water for the chopping board.

"Other people said it was a smart idea, how great it was and a lovely idea to avoid washing up. Hopefully, others will do the same."

You can take your kids out to a restaurant and it would cost £50. This cost me a fiver and we had just as much fun as if we'd gone out.

Rebecca was trying to come up with a way to treat her children during half term without breaking the bank when she came up with the idea and says it went down a storm with her family.

Rebecca said: "They ate every last bit, there was nothing left so I literally just had to pick up the tin foil.

"They really enjoyed it. It was something fun. You can take your kids out for half-term to a restaurant and it would cost £50 and this cost me a fiver. We had just as much fun as if we'd gone out.

"It was literally sit at the table and help yourselves to anything. It was a half-term treat.

"Over lockdown when we couldn't get to McDonald's I made my own wrapping and we called it Mum's Mcdonald's and we did the same with KFC so now we call it Mum's Fried Chicken.

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"We have that on the regular, probably every other week. We put the chicken on a serving platter.

"I do anything I can to make tea time more inclusive. It's such an important part of the day, we all talk about our days and it's time to sit down as a family."

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