I got chunky 00’s inspired highlights – I think they’re so cool but trolls are all saying the same thing | The Sun

BACK IN the early 2000's there was nothing quite as cool as chunky highlights.

Everyone and their mum seemed to have the hairstyle at one point, but over the years it become less popular.

But one woman loved the 20-year-old trend so much she decided to give it a whirl on her own locks.

She showed off her throwback hair style on TikTok and received mixed reviews from trolls who couldn't stand the look.

The style was shared on TikTok by Sydney-based stylist @josey.cherubsydney who created the style.

At the start of the clip Joey's client had naturally ginger locks, but after some work she was left with chunky blonde highlights.

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It's more common to get thin highlights that blend seamlessly into the rest of the hair nowadays.

But the 00's trend throws all of that out of the window in favour of bold, thick streaks of colour.

Fellow hairdressers were baffled by the trend making a comeback, one said: "Please lord no, I don't want my clients coming and wanting this trend again!"

Another quipped: "I'm instantly triggered."

But not everyone hated the divisive look, one viewers said: "I was hoping these would come back in time for me to have adult money!"

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Someone else wrote: "YES! Love it in the 2000's and still loving it today!"

And loads of viewers reckoned the new hairstyle made her look just like Lindsey Lohan in the 2003 film Freaky Friday.

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